KMCC is the largest expatriate Organisation in the world.


The organisation, through its four decades of dedicated services, has paved a golden path of valuable contributions in the fields of social, cultural and compassionate service. Through its tradition of relentless service KMCC has found a favoured place in the hearts of Gulf Malayalees. There is no doubt that for any scribe or scholar in search of the past and present of migration, the first name in organized strength that comes to their mind and flows out from their pen will be that of KMCC. This is an indelible signature etched in golden letters signifying the unparalleled efforts and principled determination of an organization focused on a magnificent goal.

Our past leaders have founded this organization through their strenuous efforts at a time when such progress or development in the areas of technology and employment were unavailable. They have literally shed their blood for sustaining the life of this organization. We have now reached here after surmounting many challenges and harsh situations.

KMCC represents a tradition of unfortunate make and break in the annals of Muslim League. Two organizations which were active under the separate names of Chandrika Readers’ Forum and Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre eventually became one with the merger of the parent organizations and adopted a common name and path. From thereon Riyadh KMCC has remained a dynamic and persistent activist in promoting the welfare and alleviating the day to day problems of expatriate Indians.