KMCC is the largest expatriate Organisation in the world.


Kerala Muslim Culture Center is a sub organization of the Indian political party, Indian Union Muslim League. And it’s believed that the KMCC is the largest expatriate organization in world of its kind. KMCC has a socio-political & charity-cultural concern of the people around, mainly Keralites living in Kerala or outside the state. Our past leaders have founded this organization through their strenuous efforts at a time when such progress or development in the areas of technology and employment were unavailable. They have literally shed their blood for sustaining the life of this organization. We have now reached here after surmounting many challenges and harsh situations.

There are KMCC chapters in many cities outside the Kerala and Outside the country. Riyadh KMCC is one of the main Chapter in terms of number of members and as per the charitable and political activities undertaken. Riyadh KMCC displays a very wide network of activities with its 8 district committees, 45 constitution committees, 20 area committees and many official sub-committees connected with various activities.

Riyadh KMCC aims more and systematic efforts for betterments the dependable people and the society more and more and to stand tall and worth in minds of thousands of it’s well-wishers. We are here to spread the beautiful social political and cultural ideology of Indian Union Muslim league. And in parallel we are strive to provide helping hands to the needy people to enhance the life situation of those people and society regardless of their political or religious ideology.